Who We Are.

Iwa-Khamani Leadership Foundation is a non-profit and non ploitical organization registered with the Coporate Affairs Commission in 18th April, 2018. Our head office is located at HOUSE 20, ROAD 14, D CLOSE, EFAD ESTATE, LOKOGOMA, ABUJA FCT, NIGERIA, with our branch at #51 OGOJA ROAD, 4 CORNERS, IKOM, CROSS RIVER STATE. At Iwa-Khamani, we strive to touch lives toward a transformational direction, especially the less privilaged young ones in our society. In this vein, our aims and objectives are:

1. To provide leadership skills to inspire, support and promote youth engagement and help assist to mentor them as agents of positive change;

2. For educational advancement of orphans and less-privilaged children of the society;

3. For the acquisition of vocational skills to better the life of young persons;

4. For the provision of free educational materials to destitute children in Abuja in particular, and other location in the furure.

What We Are.

What are we? Iwa-Khamani Leadership Foundation is a transformational, positive-changing platform where the less-privilaged youths in the African society are given a voice, a comfort zone, and an opportunity to live the lives of their dreams. We owe it to these youths to impart -- as well as to make optimistic impacts -- in their lives through our voluntery works of spreading Seeds of Kindness and Helping Hands toward them. As humanitarians, we reach out to these youths in empathic gestures of openness, kindness and giving, urging those who are empathically moved to kindly donate to this cause.

Why We Are.

Why are we? Simply to make a difference in the lives of the orphans and less-privilaged youths in our society. We realize we cannot do this alone since we are a non-profit, non-political -- and therefore, non-governmental -- organization, so we are imploring you to kindly donate or volunteer your services in whatever way you can in order to make this noble dream come true: and to make the world better, safer and more healthier for them.

Therefore, why we are what we are is simply because WE CARE...

Our Key Goal

We are dedicated to educate and direct the boy-child & girl-child toward a molestation-free world of better opportunities where his / her rights are protected by law and justice; thereby eradicating the tendency of child rape and abuse in our society. We cannot do this alone. You can help us to achieve this goal. What you do in Life echoes in Eternity. We need your help to help the helpless... Kindly support us through...